Supercharge your LinkedIn in just 10 mins a day

Turn ideas from your online reading into engaging LinkedIn posts. Grow your network, boost your personal brand.

3 simple steps to create awesome LinkedIn posts every day

Do what you do!

Just install the Zpod browser extension on Chrome and keep reading as usual. Zpod will give you post ideas.

Zpod drafts for you

Select an idea, and let Zpod generate an initial draft with catchy headlines and hooks.

Your final touches

Provide brief inputs and directions to Zpod to personalize the drafts, and you are ready to post.

10x faster

Plenty of ideas from your online reading

Hit the like button and generate post idea from what you read. Create personalized posts that align with your style and LinkedIn best practices. No more writer's block.

10x more creative

Create captivating posts from scratch

Share your brief inputs and directions with Zpod to personalize them just the way you want. Add enticing headlines and hooks to make it go viral.

10x more effective

Leverage LinkedIn Hacks

Hack your way to LinkedIn success with Zpod. Its AI model is constantly updated with the latest pro-tips on what works on the platform at the moment, ensuring that whatever topic you're writing about, your posts pack a punch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to be a LinkedIn superstar but don't have the time or energy to come up with witty post ideas? Check out how Zpod AI wizardry can turn your reading habits into LinkedIn gold.

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Grow your personal brand

Create consistent, high-performing content on LinkedIn, grow your network and followers. All you need is Zpod and just a few minutes each day!